CNC multifunctional five-axis machine tools made in China will be sold to Europe

Five-axis cnc machine made in China, multi-function: production cutting, drilling, trimming, prototype and fixture processing 

Multifunctional CNC five-axis machine,China-made five-axis CNC machine tools,CNC 5 axis Processing Center Router Machine,Five-axis Cnc Milling Machine will be sold to the world,5 Axis Cnc Machine Suppliers and Manufacturers in China. Contact number:+86-15618857188,E-mail address:[email protected]

Chinese manufacturer of CNC five axis machining center, detail display of CNC five axis machine:

5 Axis CNC Processing Center Router Machine is a profesional stable good quality multi axis cnc 5 axis router, it is ready for production cutting, drilling, trimming, as well as prototype-and fixture-machining in a large work envelope, accessible from all angles. High class 5 aixs is a very high price machine, but now you will have a good price for this kind of machines, we are sure this can help you create more.

Because of the high price for 5 axis system, we choose wordwide good brand system for this machine, 5 axis moving Axis. Supply the post, customers will be easy to update, we have suitable high price version, but if customers can do all by yourself, this is a good machine to run. 




Travelling Size


Working Size


Table size



X/Y rack and pinion drive,Z ball screw drive, A and B   axis with robot gears

A and B axis moving range

A and B: -120 degree to +120 degress

Motion Parts

All axes with linear guides

Table structure

Aluninum T slot table

Spindle Power

3.7;5.5;9KW (Option: customized by customers) Italy   INTEGRATED 5axis head

Spindle speed

24000 r/min

Travelling Speed


Working speed




Driving system

Japanese AC servo 


AC380V/3PH/50HZ (Option: customized by customers)


Syntec 5axis system with RTCP

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