Construction of a semiconductor material project with a total investment of 900 million yuan starts

On October 22, China National Chemical Group Haohua Gas Co., Ltd. was inaugurated and established in Luoyang. The groundbreaking ceremony for the 4,600 tons of special fluorine-containing Electronic gas project was started simultaneously. This is a major move by China National Chemical Corporation to integrate its resource advantages, expand and strengthen its electronic gas business, and accelerate the localization of electronic special gases.

It is reported that electronic special gas is known as the “blood” of the electronics industry, and is a key raw material for the electronic information industry such as semiconductors, microelectronics, and integrated circuits. In recent years, with the rapid development of downstream semiconductor, electronic devices and other markets, the scale of my country’s electronic gas market has continued to increase.

According to Luoyang Daily, Haohua Gas Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Luoyang. It is a professional electronic gas company established by China National Chemical Corporation to integrate the gas business of Luoyang Liming Institute, Dalian Guangming Institute and Chengdu Southwest Institute. High-end electronic special gas development and research, focusing on breaking through the “snake neck” technology, building a large-scale industrial base, fluorine-containing gas R&D center and marketing center.

It is reported that the annual production of 4,600 tons of special fluorine-containing electronic gas project of Haohua Gas Co., Ltd. is located in the Geely District Science and Technology Park, covering an area of ​​241 mu, with a planned investment of 900 million yuan and an estimated construction period of 18 months. The project will adopt independent research and development of patented technology, and increase the production capacity of 3,000 tons of nitrogen trifluoride, 1,000 tons of carbon tetrafluoride and 600 tons of tungsten hexafluoride every year, which will help promote the localization of corresponding electronic gases in China and reduce imports. Dependence is of great significance.

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