Correct Storage Method For Rigging Slings

Correct storage method for rigging slings


When the rigging sling or chain sling is finished lifting, it must be put back and stored correctly; if it is no longer used, the 

sling must be stored in a clean, dry, well ventilated condition, at room temperature, and placed on a shelf, away from heat. 

It can erode the appearance of gases, chemicals, direct sunlight or other strong ultraviolet radiation. Priority is given to the 

use of stored items, and any damage that may occur during use of the sling must be checked, and the slings that have been

 damaged are not stored.

 When lifting, the sling is contaminated with acid and alkali, diluted with water or neutralized with the appropriate media 

recommended for storage. Based on the materials of the lifting slings and the relevant chemical properties, 

recommendations from suppliers, and products that have been used without problems are also necessary. The chain sling 

or rigging slings become wet during use, hang them up and dry naturally.


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