Daily cleaning of punches and precautions for purchase

How to standardize and clean the punches daily, after all, in long-term use, there will always be pollutants and dust, which will cause pollution and interference to the punches. If the advantages cannot be used to a large extent, it will cause damage to the equipment and decrease in efficiency. What should we pay attention to in the daily cleaning and purchase of punch presses?

When the punch is engaged in production and processing, the main job is to process sheet metal. Develop good usage habits and be fully familiar with how to use them correctly and in a standardized manner. There will be pollutants and dust after each operation is completed. It will not waste too much time to wipe with the help of relatively soft tools, and it can basically be completed within five minutes. If it is not treated in time, the contaminants will accumulate together, which will cause and increase the difficulty of cleaning the punch. If lubricating oil is added during use, be careful not to fall on other parts of the running parts, transmission, braking and other parts, which are important parts of our cleaning and cleaning.

The key to purchasing a cnc machine tool is to compare the sales organization and the manufacturer. Whether the stamping service is complete, technical guidance and production technology are one of the factors that cannot be ignored. Choose a punching machine rationally, and prevent people who are in a hurry or unfamiliar with the punching machine from buying for the purpose, and the people who suffer from being fooled can only be ourselves, the same specifications and types of punching machines, which have the performance and quality. There is also a direct connection. Don’t blindly compare prices. You have to know that the capital expenditures for production and use of the same grade of punches are basically the same.

So I hope everyone can correct their understanding in time and provide us with job help and support to a large extent. Once there is a purchase error, not only cannot provide job help, but the key will also cause economic losses, and the safety hazard is also very serious.

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