Daily Maintenance Of Steel Plate Fixture And Ingot Hanger

(1) In the use of the sling, if the rotation of the lock is not flexible or not in place, should check the adjustment of the nut, and then check the following parts: Shan pawl tensile spring is damaged, such as damage, should be replaced; Shan transmission mechanism is a card lag, such as card lag, is a poor lubrication, it should be in the transmission mechanism of the active connection to add lubricating oil (or grease). If the guide pins are too tight, loosen the nuts properly. In the case of loose connection, transmission pipe or other bar deformation, it should be corrected; Shan Buffer Spring tensile volume is too small, if too small, should shorten the buffer spring connection wire rope length. (2) In the use should prevent the hanging fixture on the indicator board on the mark paint off. Once found, should be timely replenishment of the original indication of the paint. (3) for the sling on the wire rope, should be timely cleaning and coated with lubricating oil or grease, especially the bending of steel wire ropes. (4) For the main force components, rings, rotary lock, ear plate and rigging shackle, in the normal use of clear conditions, at least every 3 months should be checked once, no cracks and serious deformation. (5) All the oil cups, including the Ratchet mechanism Oil Cup, the oil cup of the sliding bearing seat and the oil cup of the rotary lock box, the main movable joint should be lubricated according to the use condition. (6) Check whether the rope is loose, buffer spring is excessive stretching, find the problem timely treatment. (7) Each spreader shall not exceed the rated weight, and the buffer spring shall not be excessively stretched. (8) The hoisting process should be smooth lifting, to avoid the suspension and cranes or other equipment, such as collisions and deformation.

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