Development characteristics of processing technology of titanium alloy materials and titanium products

Due to the high manufacturing cost of titanium alloy, in order to reduce the cost, the competitiveness of titanium alloy in the whole metal materials market with a lower price. Titanium is widely regarded as having superior properties compared with other materials, but its price often deters consumers, especially car manufacturers. The appearance of high quality and low cost titanium alloy will certainly contribute to the popularization and application of titanium alloy.

From the perspective of domestic and foreign application status and development of titanium processing technology, the plastic processing technology of titanium and titanium alloy will develop in the following directions in the future:

1) High performance, that is, the development of alloys with higher service temperature, higher specific strength, higher specific modulus, better corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

2) Multi-function, that is, develop titanium alloys with various special functions and USES, such as high damping, low expansion, constant resistance, high resistance, anti-electrolytic passivation and hydrogen storage, shape memory, superconductivity, low modulus biomedical and other titanium alloys, and further expand the application of titanium and titanium alloys.

3) Deepen the research on traditional alloys, improve the practical properties of existing alloys, and expand the application scope of traditional alloys through the improvement of equipment and technology.

4) Advanced processing technology and large continuous processing equipment are adopted to develop continuous processing technology, direct rolling technology, cold forming technology and near-net forming technology to improve production efficiency, yield and product performance of titanium alloy.

5) Reduce costs, develop alloys containing no or almost no precious metal elements, and add cheap elements such as iron, oxygen and nitrogen, and develop titanium alloys that are easy to process and shape, easy to cut, and cheap for alloying elements and parent alloys. Development of titanium alloy, use of banned materials, improve the recovery and utilization of banned titanium. This is especially important to reduce the cost of civil titanium alloy.

6) Use advanced computer technology to simulate the deformation and processing process of the workpiece, predict the evolution of the metal microstructure, and even predict the mechanical properties of the product (yield strength, tensile strength, elongation and hardness, etc.), and design or improve the mold and tooling; Analyze and process test results, reduce test volume, improve work efficiency, reduce development cost.

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