DigiLens enters China with leading manufacturer Crystal Optoelectronics to bring low-cost AR displays to market in 2020

Sunnyvale, Calif. – December 18, 2019 – DigiLens, the innovator of AR holographic waveguide Display technology, announced today that it will expand into the Chinese market in partnership with Crystal Optoelectronics, with Xiaoshu Lin serving as its general manager in China. Crystal Optoelectronics is a top optical component manufacturer in optical coatings, AR optics and semiconductor optics, and is also the first partner of Digilens in China. Through this collaboration, DigiLens crystal waveguide technology will be available to consumers in 2020 and will debut in the enterprise market.

Chris Pickett, CEO of DigiLens, said: “We are delighted to officially expand into the Chinese market under the leadership of Mr. Lin Xiaoshu, and we are honored to establish a partnership with Crystal Optoelectronics. Crystal Optoelectronics is a leader in the optical manufacturing of consumer devices, with many well-known Digital and mobile companies are working together. Together, we will mass produce AR displays using Digilens’ low-cost, high-performance crystal waveguide technology.”

In this collaboration, DigiLens will work with Crystal Optoelectronics to create a high-quality manufacturing base to build various optical solutions, thereby expanding its footprint in Asia even more. These solutions are available to developers interested in using crystal waveguide technology to make low-cost AR devices such as smart glasses and heads-up displays. At the same time, the move to hire Mr. Lin Xiaoshu as the general manager of China will help DigiLens expand in the Chinese market. Mr. Xiaoshu Lin has more than 16 years of working experience in the semiconductor industry and has held various leadership positions in technology, marketing and sales at Synaptics, ATMEL and STMicroelectonics. He has a strong technical background, especially in LCD and OLED displays.

“DigiLens is a leader in display technology and photopolymers that help global brands and manufacturers create innovative AR products,” said Xiaoshu Lin. “The company’s cutting-edge crystal waveguide AR display solutions are more transparent, thinner and lighter than other products on the market. It is more cost-competitive, which is why I joined DigiLens. I am excited to combine my years of technical experience with my work experience in the domestic mobile phone and automotive industries to further promote DigiLens innovation and manufacturing in China.”

DigiLens’ optical platform gives OEM partners the opportunity to create customizable, cost-effective, waveguide-based AR experiences for enterprise applications and the consumer electronics industry. DigiLens optics are unique in that they utilize proprietary photopolymer materials and a low-cost holographic replication process, making them more cost-effective than other AR solutions on the market.

“We are delighted to partner with DigiLens, which enriches and differentiates our optical solutions product line, and provides our customers with cutting-edge technologies such as optical waveguide-based integrated laser displays.” said Shen Xi, Marketing Manager of Crystal Optoelectronics .

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