Double-clear-color Injection Molding Machine





Double-clear-color Injection Molding Machine


        The double-clear-color injection molding machine consists of two injection unit,one universal mold clamping unit and double-color molds,which can manufacture plastic products with clearly-marked color in the outer and inner layer.The technical process is:The first injection unit begins to inject,cool,mold and open mold,still affixes the molded parts on the side of moving mold and moves it to the position for second molding.The fixed mold for second molding is provided with space for first molding as well as the newly-added space;after mold clamping,inject fused materials of the second color and take out the products after cooling and molding.The two injection units respectively plasticate materials of different colors;the two cores are identical in shape and size,whereas dimensions of the cavitiea are different,to respectively mold the bottom and outer shape of products which is ultimately got through the conversion of mold revolving plate during production.      

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