Driving Tomorrow: Lotus Evija Program Update and Driving Impressions from MD Matt Windle and the Test Team

With the Evija hypercar program approaching the final step before it enters production, the Lotus test team and Lotus Cars managing director Matt Windle was impressed with the EP1 – one of several prototypes and the most advanced in terms of performance attributes.

Matt Windle said: “We have different prototypes for different areas of development. One for construction and technology, another for battery management, another for electric motors, and so on. I recently The EP1 I’ve driven is a performance prototype, and it doesn’t disappoint. We’re still a few months away from mass production, but the EP1 already has a distinct Lotus “feel”. There’s no doubting it’s a unique and extreme car A supercar, but a Lotus anyway. I’m very excited and proud of what the team has accomplished.”

Gavan Kershaw, Director of Product Attributes and Legendary Chief Test Driver for Lotus, said: “We’re 80% strong in terms of power, battery, motor, bodywork. Now, the remaining 20% ​​is just adding magic to make everything unique The Lotus way of working harmoniously to deliver the driving experience we want and make us proud. Proud, of course I am amazed. This is a supercar.”

Chief Vehicle Dynamics Engineer James Hazlehurst added: “As we enter the final stages of our development program and begin to unleash full power and torque, we are quickly working through basic vehicle dynamics and turning on active systems one by one – torque vectoring, active air control . Slowly opening up, we were able to apply these learnings to the real world.”

Principal Platform Engineer Louis Kerr “We’re lucky we have our own 2.25 mile test track, FIA compliant, just 50 yards from where I sit in the assembly shop of the brand new Evija. I’m not sure there are many other manufacturers in the world that can say the same. There are no limits to the design of the car. We took every opportunity to push the boundaries of technology and materials, working with the best technology partners and applying the latest technologies (some of which are currently only available in Formula 1 cars) ), and most importantly, we have the powertrain in the most powerful car. It is already the fastest road car around the Hethel circuit, where many legendary cars and drivers have created many Years of records. We are already faster than expected,

In the end, Gavan Kershaw said: “The Evija is an absolutely amazing drive. It has a Formula 1 accelerator but it’s in an enclosed cockpit so it’s like a little Group C racer but with torque And all the power delivered on the fly, all the torque and the latest in the Electronic assist kit. You really start to believe you can defy the physics – it shoots you into corners like a catapult.”

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