Environmental protection new titanium using pei na sea Submersible Mike Horn Edition 47 mm

In 2019, pei na sea PANERAI new Submersible professional diving watch Mike Horn version PAM00984 (type), watches can use Eco – environmental Titanium, Titanium its design inspiration is Mike Horn. Mike Horn, a brand ambassador for panahei, was more aware of the urgency of protecting the planet as he explored the world. As a result, panahei special use of resource recycling materials, to create a new watch.

In the 2019 Geneva S.I.H.H. horologe exhibition, we can already find Submersible from Luminor series, independent the brand one of the four series, and most sports style of table; At the same time, panahai launched a number of different brand ambassador cooperation watch, not only to highlight the brand and the sea connection, but also shape a more distinctive brand new watch.

Among them, Mike Horn, the brand ambassador who has cooperated with panahai for 15 years, is regarded as one of the most outstanding explorers in the modern era. And paner sponsored Mike Horn's four most recent adventures, including Arktos: traveling the arctic without motorized transportation. North Pole Winter Expedition: it took Borge 60 days and 5 hours to become the first person to walk to the North Pole completely helpless in the arctic Winter. Pangaea: a four-year journey around the world from the famous cape horn in South America, across the north and south poles, across all oceans and continents. And Pole2Pole: a three-year journey around the world across the north and south poles by sea and land, starting in 2019, so he's currently in the middle of it. However, Mike Horn explored every corner of the earth that human beings could go to, and penetrated into the most extreme environment through both land and sea, so that he knew the earth like the palm of his hand and realized the importance of environmental protection.

PAM00984 USES Eco-Titanium materials to create a hard and light case, and is the first of its kind in advanced watchmaking, so instead of mining natural resources, the manufacturer USES recycled Titanium to refine and forge a new case. In addition, the watch's ring, crown, crown guard and bottom cover are also made of eco-titanium. On the bottom cover is a signature of Mike Horn and a picture of a sea creature.

The environmental protection of titanium metal suppliers, ECOTITANIUM from France, which is Europe's first through the recovery in the production of aerospace grade titanium plant, at the same time provide for European aircraft industry completely independent of the titanium ingot suppliers outside of the United States, Russia, and plant raw material is from the commercial and military aircraft equipment dealer and downstream manufacturers produced titanium metal waste. One of the company's goals is to become an environmentally friendly supplier of aerospace titanium to Europe.

Although, this watch is to use environmental protection materials for the purpose of design, but does not mean that the manufacturer will abandon any professional diving table required functions and design. Pei na sea instead USES a number of new design, give this all-new Submersible diving watches style. Among them, the face plate of the time scale of scale and extra large hollow out a pointer, Submersible watches can vastly different, the design concept from the Luminor Lab – Id Carbotech table PAM00700 (type), surface of sandwich plate at the same time to switch to green Super – LumiNova luminous coating, ensure clear and readable in dark environment.

In addition, the black watch strap also comes from the recovery of PET resin refining and remanufacturing, the impact on the ecological environment can be minimized, and both strong and durable characteristics, the box will also be attached to a rubber watchband. The P. 9010 automatic movement inside the watch is a new generation of homemade movement of panahai, which also has a double hair box, three days of power storage and screw balance wheel. Although the diameter of the p. 9010 movement remains the same, its thickness has been reduced by 1.9mm. The purpose is to replace the previous p. 9000 series automatic movement, to reduce weight for its watches and increase the variety of styles.

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