Everything is future-oriented!Infineon will make a heavy appearance at Shenzhen International Electronics Fair and Embedded System Exhibition

September 8, 2021, Shanghai, China – On September 27, the three-day Shenzhen International Electronics Fair and Embedded System Exhibition (ELEXCON 2021) will be grandly opened. Infineon, the world’s leading semiconductor technology company, will also make a major appearance at the industry event, fully demonstrating how its innovative semiconductor technology connects the real and digital worlds, making people’s lives more convenient, safer and more environmentally friendly.

By setting up three different exhibition areas, Infineon will bring an amazing “futuristic sense” to the audience. Focusing on “Future Mobility”, “Energy Efficiency” and “Internet of Everything”, these three exhibition areas will focus on the exploration and achievements of Infineon in related fields, and reveal Infineon’s development in mobility, energy efficiency and everything in the future intelligent society. Technology trends and industrial layout in the interconnected field.

  Black Technology Achieves “Future Mobility”

In the “Future Mobility” exhibition area, Infineon will demonstrate its unique value in achieving zero emission, autonomous driving and intelligent comfort in cars. It can be said that with decades of rich experience and a complete industrial ecological chain, Infineon is actively helping to build the future of mobility.

In this exhibition area, there will be a medium-sized pure electric coupe that vividly interprets the profound connotation of Infineon as an enabler (Powered by Infineon). The main inverter system of this model adopts Infineon HybridPACK? Drive FS950 as the core power semiconductor device, and the maximum output power can reach 200kW. Its first-class control algorithm and excellent performance of vehicle-grade modules can provide surging power output for cars. The controller adopts a flat design concept, combined with the excellent current density of Infineon power modules, which makes the vehicle layout more flexible and can further save space. The intelligent control algorithm can help improve the NVH of the whole vehicle and bring users a world-class driving experience. Relying on leading IGBT power semiconductors and advanced module packaging technology, Infineon will continue to promote the realization of zero-emission goals and contribute to the country’s “carbon neutrality” and the development of vehicle electrification. The 950 IGBT module can realize efficient and reliable power conversion and perform stable and powerful motor drive, thereby improving power efficiency and power quality. It can be widely used in the main inverter and charging and discharging of hybrid and electric vehicles. It has been successfully commercialized in many domestic electric vehicles.

In addition, Infineon will highlight innovative products and solutions such as 1000W motor cooling fans, 76GHz-77GHz medium and long-range radar modules, and GEN7 XL-based suspension touch solutions. Among them, the 1000W motor cooling fan can provide higher cooling capacity in a smaller form factor, with excellent power density and efficiency, which can help customers take their designs to the next level and accelerate time-to-market.

The 76GHz-77GHz radar module is dedicated to “liberating” the driver. Its high precision and excellent scalability from short to long distances have become a key technology in the field of autonomous driving, which will enable the driver to change roles, Transform into a passenger to enjoy the journey.

In addition, the touch screen suspension touch solution based on GEN7 XL is the latest black technology in cockpit human-computer interaction – through suspension gestures, the touch screen can be controlled without touching; it is waterproof, supports wet finger operation, and supports glove operation with a thickness of 10mm; at the same time Meets stringent automotive-grade EMC/EMI requirements.

  High-efficiency solutions throughout power generation, transmission and distribution, and power consumption

In the whole power industry chain, Infineon’s power semiconductors play a very important role. From power generation, transmission and distribution, energy storage to energy usage, Infineon is a leading semiconductor company capable of providing energy-efficient solutions for the entire industry chain.

In this exhibition area, Infineon will focus on displaying the key value of semiconductors and solutions in the whole process from power generation to transmission and distribution to electricity consumption. In the power generation link, Infineon’s 2300V NPC2 three-level solution has less power loss and higher conversion efficiency, especially suitable for the new generation of 1500V photovoltaic and energy storage applications that demand more and more single-unit power.

In the field of power consumption in the industrial field, Infineon will showcase a new generation of IGBT device IGBT7 made of silicon carbide, which is specially designed for variable frequency industrial drives. Based on the new micro-trench technology, higher device controllability can be achieved. These features significantly reduce switching losses in the application, making the IGBT7 particularly suitable for industrial drive applications that typically operate at moderate switching frequencies. It not only meets energy efficiency requirements, but also reduces system costs. For example, as long as half of the industrial drives have electric speed regulation technology, it is possible to save up to 20% of energy, or 17 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

At the same time, when it comes to residential electricity consumption, Infineon will also show evaluation boards for inverter air conditioners and refrigerators. It can achieve higher efficiency in a smaller size, making home appliances more energy-efficient. The upcoming 65W Gallium Nitride (GaN) USB-PD charger also has the characteristics of higher unit power density, which can realize the miniaturization and thinning of high-power power supplies. By achieving high power output in an ultra-small size, this will help to change the design and manufacturing scheme of the industry and the usage habits of consumers.

In addition, in the context of seizing the opportunity of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, hydrogen energy has broad application prospects with its zero-carbon advantage, and will become an effective way to achieve the dual-carbon goal. In fact, Infineon has already had a layout in the field of hydrogen energy. At this conference, Infineon will also exhibit power semiconductor solutions and products from new energy “hydrogen production”, “hydrogen transport” to fuel cell “hydrogen use”, including hydrogen fuel cells with full SiC solutions. All-in-one controllers, ultra-high-speed air compressor controllers using SiC solutions, and hydrogen circulation pumps using IGBTs.

 Internet of Everything Drives Smart Life

In the Internet of Everything exhibition area, Infineon will Display solutions and products for smart life, smart buildings, and smart wearable devices, drawing visitors a beautiful picture of the smart world in the future.

In the field of smart life and smart buildings, Infineon will focus on displaying high signal-to-noise ratio MEMS digital microphone-Audiohub Nano evaluation board, carbon dioxide concentration detection-XENSIVTM PAS CO2 Sensor2Go evaluation kit and Mini evaluation board, human presence based on XENSIVTM millimeter wave radar Detection solutions, advanced MCU smart chip solutions for fully automatic smart fingerprint locks, smart Bluetooth Mesh LED colorful lighting solutions, and high-definition wide-angle smart doorbells

Created WiFi security connection solutions, etc.

Among them, the high signal-to-noise ratio MEMS digital microphone-Audiohub Nano evaluation board supports the connection of two Infineon XENSIV? The microphone transmits audio data.

Carbon Dioxide Concentration Detection – XENSIVTM PAS CO2 Sensor2Go Evaluation Kit and Mini Evaluation Board Helps Improve Air Quality Timely and Efficiently in HVAC (Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning) Systems, Smart Home and Building Appliances such as Air Purifiers, Lighting and Objects Internet-connected devices, air quality detectors with CO2 alarm function, etc.

Infineon’s XENSIVTM millimeter-wave radar uses millimeter-wave ISM band signal algorithm analysis to accurately capture human body micro-motions caused by breathing and heartbeat, so as to determine whether there is a person. It is more accurate than infrared technology. With Infineon’s PSoC?6 microcontroller and presence detection algorithm software, it is connected to Guangdong Weirui Technology’s smart building indoor equipment linkage platform, which can realize indoor equipment linkage and help a new generation and more reliable Automated operation of indoor equipment such as lighting, air conditioning, curtains, etc. Regardless of whether people remain static or have behaviors, the solution can determine the use of space based on accurate algorithms, so as to achieve the purpose of effective energy saving.

In addition, there is Infineon’s advanced MCU smart chip solution for fully automatic smart fingerprint locks. With the continuous promotion of smart home, the unlocking method, wireless connection and security performance of smart door locks have always been the issues that people continue to pay attention to. In response to the above problems, Infineon has developed and designed a complete IoT solution for smart door locks, including MCU, TOF, security chip, WiFi and dual-mode Bluetooth, realizing a one-stop solution from identification, computing, connection to security Serve.

The smart Bluetooth Mesh LED colorful lighting solution uses the Infineon AIROC series BLE Mesh chipset, which is one of the world’s leading Bluetooth solutions. Its superior RF performance, high reliability and stability fully comply with the Bluetooth SIG Standard Mesh networking enables smart lighting.

Welcome to visit the Infineon booth 5G16 in the Electronic components exhibition area of ​​Hall 5 of Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao’an New Hall), and learn about Infineon’s innovative technologies, products and solutions in the fields of future mobility, energy efficiency and Internet of Everything.


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