Excellent in Nickel Alloy – Alloy 31 seamless tube

Excellent in Nickel Alloy – Alloy 31 seamless tube

 Recently, our nickel alloy supplier developed a new batch of alloy 31 seamless tube. Alloy 31 has excellent properties in nickel alloy materials, but its production technology is highly demanded. Few enterprises can successfully produce the seamless tube. The successful research and development brings us great confidence.



Alloy 31 has better halide corrosion resistance and acid resistance. Many seawater or brine heat exchangers use alloy 31 materials. It is more stable than alloy 601. It can also widely used in flue gas desulfurization system, paper industry, petroleum production, sulfuric acid condenser and other fields.


Any inquiry about alloy 31 tube,don’t hesitate to contact us. Looking forward to cooperate with the new and old customers sincerely.

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