Explore Teledyne e2v’s latest ADC concept enabling direct sampling from P to Ka bands

Grenoble, France – Media OutReach – November 30, 2020 – Teledyne e2v continues to innovate and focus on high-resolution mixed-signal solutions, further demonstrating its commitment to revolutionizing RF systems. The company has successfully demonstrated next-generation data converter technology that its engineering team is currently testing.

The 12-bit EV12PS640 complements Teledyne e2v’s recently released microwave digital-to-analog converter (DAC) device, the EV12DD700, and represents a new milestone in analog-to-digital converter (ADC) development. This groundbreaking analog-to-digital converter proof-of-concept provides performance parameters beyond anything currently on the market, supports 11G sampling rates, enables ultra-high frequency (SHF) direct sampling, and extends all the way to the Ka-band (26GHz and beyond) ). EV12PS640 will provide a very wide dynamic range.

The company has prepared video demonstrations of the EV12PS640 microwave analog-to-digital converter and EV12DD700 digital-to-analog converter, which can be viewed here: EV12PS640 microwave analog-to-digital converter demo and EV12DD700 digital-to-analog converter demo.

Direct microwave sampling has many benefits. First, it eliminates the need for frequency conversion, which means that the risk of signal distortion is greatly reduced. Second, it provides software-defined versatility across multiple frequency bands, up to the Ka-band. This means that the system is easier to optimize for different application scenarios, and it also provides a dynamic configuration platform for the system. With the direct microwave sampling method, the data conversion hardware can be significantly simplified. Teledyne e2v debuted 50 ohm single-ended inputs (for clock and analog inputs), thus suppressing the need for baluns, reducing bill of materials and associated real estate, and making it easier to interface with RF systems (RF systems typically feature at 50 ohms) operating under impedance).

Based on this, direct microwave sampling is gradually proving to be of great advantage in limited power budgets or in space-constrained systems, or in some locations with some degree of configuration requirements. Now, by sampling directly to Ka-band frequencies, the Teledyne e2v is sure to handle a wide range of high-end RF applications. As such, the EV12PS640 will be critical to future RF architectures in avionics, military, aerospace, and test and measurement.

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