Features Of Silicone Ashtray For Smoking

Features of silicone Ashtray for Smoking

Silicone ashtray for smoking is made of soft silicone, bendable and unbreakable. More durable than normal cigar ashtrays.

Silicone ashtray for smoking with unique round ashtray design which can hold cigarettes, blunt, cigarillo, slim cigar, pipes, and more. Suitable for ashtrays, insulated cup holders, coasters, wine bottles.

The design for smoking in the night, rubber ashtrays is good for home, office, meeting rooms, restaurants, hotels, bars and KTV etc produced by smoking.

Silicone ashtray for smoking is lightweight and easy to carry, making your life easier and comfortable. No deformation, and very easy to clean. It is dishwasher safe, and high temperature resistance up to 230°C.

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