Flat Strap Precautions

1, do not use the damaged strap, 2, in the hoisting, do not twist, twisted strap, 3, use do not let the strap knot, 4, avoid tearing the joint parts of sewing or overloading work; 5, when moving the strap, do not drag the strap; 6, avoid the load of the strap caused by the strong snatch or concussion. 7, every a harnesses must be carefully inspected before use; 8, Kevlar has the function of inorganic acid, but is susceptible to organic acid damage; Kevlar is suitable for the most chemical resistant places; 10. Nylon has the ability to withstand strong acid, susceptible to surface acid damage, in the damp, the strength of the loss can reach 15, if the strap in the chemical pollution or at high temperature use, you should seek advice from the suppliers.

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