Four-column hydraulic press power sliding table hydraulic system

Four-column Hydraulic Press power sliding table hydraulic system

Why should the blades of the hydraulic punch vane pump be inclined? What is the relationship between the inclination direction and the rotation direction of the rotor?

Four-column hydraulic press hydraulic punching vane pump to ensure that the blades can reciprocate normally in the chute without blade jamming and voiding. The blades are placed non-radially and have a certain angle with the radial direction of the rotor.

Four-column hydraulic press The blades of the vane pump are inclined to the opposite direction of the rotor rotation. The reason is that the single-acting vane pump has a slower stator curve and it is not easy to get stuck when the blades retract. However, because the blade roots are separated for oil supply, there is no hydraulic pressing force at the roots of the oil suction chamber blades, and they are completely extended by centrifugal force. The blade can be reliably extended without voiding. The sliding direction of the blade is best to be consistent with the direction of the resultant force, so it is inclined backward.

The double-acting vane pump is just the opposite, the vanes are inclined to the direction of rotation of the rotor. The root of the double-acting vane pump always has high-pressure oil, and the vane has oil pressure in the oil suction chamber, so it is easy to extend. However, due to the large force, the transition curve is steep, and the blades are prone to jam when retracting in the pressure oil chamber. Tilting an angle to the direction of rotation of the rotor can make the sliding direction of the blade close to the direction of the force applied by the stator to the blade. The force is small and it is not easy to get stuck.

The sheet is inclined at an angle relative to the radius of the rotor. After placement, the rotation of the rotor is determined, and it must be rotated in the direction specified above, otherwise it will cause noise and blade breakage. This should be paid attention to when using or overhauling and installing the pump.

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