Graphical method of bending machine operation

How to use the bending machine? How should the bending machine be operated correctly? Many users are looking for specific content about the “graphic method of bending machine operation” on the Internet, because many companies have purchased bending machines for production and processing, and in the process of production and processing, they may encounter manuals for bending machines. Loss and some unexpected situations cause the bending machine to fail to start up and running normally. At this time, if the user wants to solve the problem efficiently, he has to ask professional technicians for advice. What should I do if there is no one asking for help? Don’t worry, let’s share the specific operation steps of the bending machine with you in the following content. We will use pictures and texts to help users solve problems.

  • 1. In the first step of using the bending machine, we need to turn on the power supply of the bending machine. The way to turn on the power supply is very simple. The user only needs to turn on the key switch on the control panel and then press the oil pump to realize the normal operation of the bending machine. Start, generally we can hear the sound of the oil pump rotating after the normal start, the user can judge whether the bending machine is operating normally according to the sound;
  • 2. After the bending machine rotates normally, the user needs to adjust the stroke of the bending machine. This step is mainly to check whether the bending machine can work normally. The specific operation is to ensure that the distance between the upper die of the bending machine and the bottom can be maintained. The thickness gap of a board needs to be manually tested. Of course, if you are relatively proficient in the operation, you can use electric for debugging, so that the stroke adjustment speed will be faster;
  • 3. After adjusting the stroke of the bending machine, the user needs to select the size of the notch for bending, and determine the size of the notch for bending according to the thickness of the sheet that needs to be bent. For example, if we want to bend a 5mm thick material, then we need to choose a 50mm bending notch. The specific bending size and range can be determined according to the detailed instructions;
  • 4. After the user is ready for the above-mentioned bending work, the sheet can be placed in the appropriate position of the notch of the bending machine, and then step on the foot switch with your foot to start bending the sheet, and you need to pay attention to the bending machine The stampede is to follow the principle of stamping, loosening and stopping work;

Share all of the above content with you, hoping to help you solve the problems that arise during the use process. Of course, if you cannot solve your question according to the graphic description, it is recommended to consult the purchasing manufacturer to help you answer it. It should be noted that during the use of the bending machine, it is necessary to frequently check the overlap of the upper and lower molds and the indication of the pressure gauge when the bending machine is working. If there is data outside the normal value range, the bending machine must be stopped. The operation of the equipment is overhauled, otherwise it will seriously affect the life cycle of the equipment and affect the normal production activities of the enterprise.

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