Fu’an’s LoRa-based wireless fire alarm system escorts many scenarios

“Semtech’s LoRa® technology has the characteristics of long distance, low power consumption, anti-interference, low cost, etc., and is fully suitable for IoT fire protection solutions. LoRa-based fire safety solutions help the evolution of traditional bus fire protection to IoT fire protection. “ Semtech’s LoRa® technology has the characteristics of long… Continue reading

2013-09-23 13:44 India engraving machine market analysis

2013-09-23 13:44India engraving machine market analysis In recent years, the Indian automobile and auto parts industry, the rapid development, and investment in infrastructure construction, making the huge demand for machine tool products, became the seventh largest consumer of machine tool market, India’s dependence on imported machine tools up to 77%,… Continue reading

The fashion collision between cotton cheongsam and laser technology

The fashion collision between cotton cheongsam and laser technology A stylish cotton commoner, is gradually become relaxed, casual attitude toward life. An advanced fabric laser technology, is gradually working towards the apparel market, a new force. Han’s Yueming laser tries its best to make every girl owns the charming by… Continue reading

Production requirements of die-casting release agent

Aluminum die-casting mold release agent is an auxiliary agent that must be used in the production process. Because the volume of the product is different, the structure is different, the post-processing requirements of the product are different, and the requirements for the release agent are also different. Here is an… Continue reading

my country’s 5g technology has achieved industrial digital upgrading, and has now entered the 5g era

The 5th Generation Mobile Communication Technology (5G for short) is a new generation of broadband mobile communication technology featuring high speed, low latency and large connection, and is the network infrastructure for realizing the interconnection of human, machine and things. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) defines three major application scenarios… Continue reading

A cooler summer away from “air conditioning disease”? I really recommend this laser printed blanket!

A cooler summer away from “air conditioning disease”? I really recommend this laser printed blanket! On a hot summer day, the heat waves are rolling, Air conditioning has become the standard in home and office environments. When we are enjoying the cool feeling of the air conditioner, Staying in the… Continue reading

China’s 3D printing technology has obtained CE certification and will be used in the aerospace sector in the future

my country’s 3D Printing technology has obtained CE certification. CE is a major management department of 3D Printing technology, and they have the most say in the breakthrough of this technology, and their recognition is very fulfilling for my country’s technological breakthroughs. 3D printing is now mainly used in my… Continue reading