Abandon trial and error and let machine learning teach you to design new materials

1Foreword The innovation of materials plays a very important role in technological progress and industrial development, but the traditional process of developing new materials uses trial and error methods, the experimental procedures are cumbersome, the research and development cycle is long, and resources are wasted. During the experiment, researchers often… Continue reading

Jiangxi Baotai Nonferrous Metals Group Aluminum Ingot Sales Quotation (August 2021, 10)

  Product name Description Today’s price Yesterday’s price Ups and downs Date ADC12  Tax included 23400 23400 0 2021-10-07 AlSi9Cu3  Tax included 23700 23700 0 2021-10-07 A380  Tax included 24200 24200 0 2021-10-07 ADC12-F   Tax included 23200 23200 0 2021-10-07 AC2B   Tax included 23600 23600 0 2021-10-07 Die-cast aluminum   Tax… Continue reading

Development characteristics of processing technology of titanium alloy materials and titanium products

Due to the high manufacturing cost of titanium alloy, in order to reduce the cost, the competitiveness of titanium alloy in the whole metal materials market with a lower price. Titanium is widely regarded as having superior properties compared with other materials, but its price often deters consumers, especially car… Continue reading

Airbag laser cutting machine, escort for your safety

Airbag laser Cutting Machine, escort for your safety  As early as August 1953, Hetrick proposed the idea "airbag", and was awarded the US "car cushion safety device patent”. Thereafter, to protect road safety, vehicle safety standards has gradually improved, the equipment rate of vehicle safety air bag increases constantly. Airbag… Continue reading

Walter Tool Launches Internet Ordering

Cutting tools branded Walter, Titex, and Prototyp can now be ordered conveniently from Walter AG via the Internet. The Toolshop at www.walter-toolsmold.wiki offers an extremely wide range of precision tools for metal machining. The new Internet shop, with menu-based navigation, is easy to use. The Toolshop is available in Germany… Continue reading

5 commonly used uses of titanium rods

Titanium is a very light, smooth and durable metal. Titanium rods are widely used in manufacturing to make products durable, smooth and long-lasting. Titanium rods are produced from sponge titanium through a series of processing. The first step is to produce titanium sponge, which involves the chlorination of chlorinated rutile… Continue reading

MTC Software expands Asia-Pacific operation

MTC Software Inc., Lockport, N.Y., a developer of software for CNC sheet and plate cutting, has opened a sales and applications support facility in Singapore. Working closely with the company’s Australian operation, the new office supports MTC Software products in the Asia-Pacific region. The company has appointed M.J. Wong as… Continue reading

Oil-air lubrication is beneficial to the performance of electric spindle

 The electric spindle runs at a high speed, and the good lubrication of the bearing is an important index to ensure its normal operation.Therefore, matching a suitable electric spindle lubrication system is very important. The lubrication-related factor that affects the running accuracy of the electric spindle is the heating of… Continue reading

Common Sense of Plastic Injection Mold

Plastic injection mold is mainly composed of a pouring system, a temperature control system, forming parts and structural parts.The injection mold is composed of a moving pattern and a fixed pattern. The moving pattern is installed on the movable template of the injection molding machine, and the fixed pattern is… Continue reading

Hong Kong University Medical Team Receives National Funding for Research and Development of 3D Printed Human Organs

The leadership team of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong was funded by the National Key Research and Development Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology to study three-dimensional (3D) space printing of human tissues and organs. The goal is to print full-thickness skin, cornea,… Continue reading