Qi Anxin reminds: government and enterprise units need to focus on preventing seven major network security risks during the long holiday

Qi Anxin reminds: During the long holiday, government and enterprise units need to focus on preventing seven major network security risks. With the deepening of the digital transformation of government and enterprise users, it also brings more unknown network security risks. Usually, enterprise network security personnel are on duty around… Continue reading

Complete the switching power supply loop response (Bode diagram) test with an oscilloscope

“Oscilloscopes are the most basic measurement equipment for today’s engineers to test and characterize power supply designs. Keysight’s InfiniiVision X series is the only oscilloscope in the industry that can automatically measure loop response. Compared with Keysight’s network analyzer test results, the gain and phase test results are very close…. Continue reading

2013-08-28 11:08 Jinan River CNC actively seize the international market

2013-08-28 11:08Jinan River CNC actively seize the international market In recent years, Jinan River CNC actively seize the international market, increasing international market development efforts, to expand foreign trade business, and achieved fruitful results, the severe international and domestic economic environment, to achieve a total export volume and the inverse… Continue reading

TDK Biomagnetic Sensor Enables World’s First Visualization of Cardiac Magnetic Field

“TDK is working on developing a wide variety of sensors as one of its “Attracting Tomorrow” technologies. High-sensitivity magnetic sensors that can measure weak biomagnetic fields are also one of them. It is expected to bring solutions to intractable diseases such as fetal heart disease in the abdomen that cannot… Continue reading

Why Your Silicone Products Smell And How To Remove Odor From Silicone

silicone products has become a more and more popular daily necessary products. We can find silicone everywhere. Some people may find that the silicone products they bought recently have a smell. They doubt that why their silicone products smell. Is it not safe and toxic? This odor will do harm… Continue reading

Security requirements bring embedded intelligent vision applications into a new era

“The global COVID-19 pandemic and the need for improved safety and efficiency are driving companies across industries to integrate intelligent embedded vision technologies into their systems to support people detection, touchless human-machine interaction, and enhanced AR/VR capabilities. Simultaneously use intelligent machine vision technology to improve manufacturing levels and yields. According… Continue reading

Cleaning and maintenance of the fibre laser cutting laser head

The high-precision laser processing method of fibre laser cutting machines far exceeds traditional processing methods in terms of efficiency and stability, creating huge production value for companies. As the core component of a fibre laser Cutting Machine, the cutting head is a laser output device consisting of a nozzle, a… Continue reading

Safety operation rules and precautions of hydraulic press

Dongguan China machine manufacturer Analysis of the safety operating rules and precautions of hydraulic presses. 1. The operator should be familiar with the general performance and structure of the Hydraulic Press, and overload use is prohibited. To 2. Before use, lubricate and add oil according to the regulations, and check… Continue reading

Principle of Machinery Animation

gun loading   radial engine Ellipsograph sewing machine Malta cross-shaped cassette mechanism ,control the motion of second hand of clock system of ammo re-filling for naval gun clutch gear Car CVJ from Plastic mold company Rotary engineIn-Line Engine                                                                             v-type engines                                                                   BoxerEngine August 17, 2020 plastic mold Link to this article:Principle… Continue reading

ASML releases 2020 financial report: net profit reaches 3.6 billion euros

On January 20, ASML, the leading lithography machine, announced its 2020 annual financial report. In 2020, ASML sold a total of 258 lithography systems, including 236 new and 22 used systems. The total revenue reached 14 billion euros, the gross profit margin was 48.6%, and the net profit amounted to… Continue reading