plastic armless chair moulds China

Sino Mould, plastic armless chair moulds China, is very famous in plastic armless chair mold service, is one of the largest plastic armless chair moulds company in China. With nearly 20 years research and development, we can offer customer very professional plastic armless chair moulds China suggestion. Nowadays plastic armless… Continue reading

ADSL Router allows secure communication between remote sites.

Supporting ADSL, ADSL 2, and ADSL2+ broadband technologies, DR-250 enables communication with remote sites at speeds to 8 Mbps. It provides 20 encrypted secure tunnels and optional support for up to 200 simultaneous VPN tunnels. Along with UTMS 3G/HSDPA wireless card for back up, solution features 4-port Ethernet switch, Dsub25… Continue reading

The China CNC Router–BCM1530E ordered by the US company Upload to:03-19 2019

The China CNC Router–BCM1530E ordered by the US company The China CNC Router–BCM1530E ordered by the US customer , it  has been finished and ready to shipping  to USA  ,  The BCM1325E was developed by China as the ultimate high production CNC for today’s kitchen or closet manufacturer. The China1325E is available in both 5’ x 10’ and… Continue reading

Tyco Tianrun: Silicon carbide is rapidly cutting into various fields, and new energy may become the biggest growth driver

Under the wave of electrification, various new materials including silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) and new power devices are breaking through the limitations of traditional materials and promoting the development of Electronic power technology. The vigorous development of the new energy vehicle industry also brings opportunities for semiconductor… Continue reading

High Quality Preform Mould

SinoMould has made preform moulds for more than 25 years, and through the rich experience from long-time preform mould manufacturing, SinoMould has established a complete set system of perfect preform mould structure and quality to ensure the long mould life and precision preform sizes.   How SinoMould makes high quality… Continue reading

CNC lathe operation requirements

1. Operation requirements of CNC lathes: 1. Be able to understand the drawings and know the processing technology of each product. Check the drawings before each processing and pay attention to whether the product drawings are improved and the processing technology can be improved. 2. Be able to skillfully use… Continue reading

Mec-Spe 2008: An Always Evolving ‘City’

The Parma Fairgrounds will host Mec-Spe 2008, the international trade fair for specialized mechanics, April 3–5. The assembly of variously themed but related shows that Senaf S.r.l. has put together—Mec-Spe, Eurostampi, Subfornitura, Control Italy, Motek Italy, and PlastixExpo—again concentrates in a single space the different elements of the mechanics industry,… Continue reading