Had To Say In The Laser Cutting Of Sheet Metal Processing Technology

According to statistics, sheet metal processing account for one-third of metal processing, its application is particularly broad, now almost all walks of life. During this period, laser cutting is the most in recent years and have thrived, in the field of sheet metal cutting, from Micron super thin to dozens of mm thick plate, can be perfectly efficient cutting.
Laser cutting of sheet metal processing: why so much? First, the laser technology is the 20th century with atomic energy, semiconductors and computers as famous as one of the four great inventions, known as "the fastest knife", "ruler", "brightest light".
Compared to traditional cutting, laser cut and easy to understand, easy to learn, and business needs of processing effects, has absolute advantages in speed, we strongly believe in the selection of future cuts, particularly this aspect of sheet metal processing using laser cutting machine is the general trend.Previous: Sheet Metal BendingNext: Effects Of Mould On The Die Life

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