Hardware precision stamping parts inspection knowledge

  • 1. Use the Brinell hardness tester to detect the hardness of the hot-rolled steel plate. With the help of the HRB scale, it is suitable for testing in different temperature scenarios, and the operation is simple and convenient.
  • 2. Use Rockwell hardness tester to test the hardness of cold rolled steel sheet.
  • 3. For thin materials, a Webster hardness tester can be used.
  • 4. For materials made of brass and copper, which have soft texture, it is recommended to select HRF scale and Rockwell hardness tester for cooperative testing.
  • 5. For aluminum alloy plates, when the thickness reaches 13mm, a Barcol hardness tester can be selected.

The bending and cracking of precision metal stamping parts is a serious quality problem. If you want to prevent this phenomenon from occurring in the production process of Meizhou stamping parts, you must first be familiar with the stamping process and then take corresponding measures. When bending, the smaller the radius, the greater the tensile stress on the outer layer of the workpiece. When the value is less than the smaller value that the material can withstand, the outside of the stamping part will crack and produce waste. This is called bending crack in the industry. It is usually based on the bending The radius determines the process to be used.

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