Has the “fire” of electrification burned to the plane?my country’s first four-seater electric aircraft successfully tested

my country’s electric aircraft has achieved milestone progress.

The RX4E, the first four-seater electric aircraft independently developed by my country, broke through the storm and successfully flew for the first time at the Caihu Airport in Shenyang, Liaoning.

The four-seater electric aircraft RX4E is a new energy general aviation product newly developed by the Liaoning General Aviation Research Institute. The aircraft has a wingspan of 13.5 meters, a captain length of 8.4 meters, a take-off weight of 1200 kg, and a flight time of 1.5 hours. 300 kilometers. With the subsequent development of battery energy storage technology, the flight time range can be further improved.

It is understood that the energy density of energy storage batteries is very different from that of traditional fuel. In order to ensure design indicators such as aircraft flight time and range, the four-seater electric aircraft is equipped with a system power battery with a total capacity of nearly 70 kWh. The batteries are domestic The first commercialized battery cell product with an energy density of more than 300 Wh/kg, leading the way in the world.

Picture Source CCTV News

In addition to electric, this aircraft has a very outstanding feature-small and light. The RX4E aircraft structure uses carbon fiber composite materials on a large scale, accounting for 77% of the total weight of the aircraft structure. Compared with traditional metal structure airplanes, carbon fiber composite materials are lighter in weight, high in strength, and resistant to corrosion.

“The two-seater electric aircraft we developed before was hailed as a silencing aircraft at the Zhuhai Air Show. The sound of the aircraft is very small after flying into the sky, and the ground personnel can hardly hear it. The same is true for the four-seater electric aircraft. In addition, the degree of integration of electric aircraft is very special. The aircraft’s cockpit instruments are much less than other aircraft, which reduces the pilot’s operational burden during the flight.” said Geng Hao, director of the design department of the Liaoning General Aviation Research Institute.

Excellent low-speed take-off and landing performance and good stall characteristics ensure the safety of the four-seater electric aircraft. It can be used in hard grass, hard sand pavements and coastal airports.

“RX4E aircraft has huge development space and market prospects. It can be used in short-distance transportation, pilot training, sightseeing trips, experience flying, aerial photography, and aerial surveying. In addition, the market application of RX4E aircraft will also be electric passenger transportation. , Cargo aircraft has accumulated technical experience and provided forward-looking guidance and research examples for the development of airport supporting construction and future airport planning.” said Zhao Tienan, deputy dean of Liaoning General Aviation Research Institute.

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