Heduo Technology has completed the A+ round of financing and will continue to promote the mass production plan of autonomous driving systems

Recently, Ni Kai, founder and CEO of Heduo Technology, appeared at the 3rd Global Intelligent Vehicle Frontier Summit (GIV2020) and shared the latest progress of Heduo Technology. He revealed that Heduo Technology has completed the A+ round of financing and is steadily advancing the mass production plan of the autonomous driving system.

Since its establishment in 2017, Heduo Technology has always adhered to the mass production route, focusing on the two scenarios of automatic driving and intelligent parking on highways, which is consistent with the direction targeted by most domestic OEMs. According to Ni Kai, from its establishment to the end of 2018, the company is more about team building and plan sorting. In 2018, it launched two product prototypes for highway autonomous driving and smart parking. Large-scale testing, especially for highway autonomous driving, began in 2019, bringing prototype products to maturity. In the second half of 2019, some mainstream OEMs have determined that they will put high-speed and parking autonomous driving into mass production of new models at the end of 2021 and early 2022. Therefore, Heduo began to work with car companies to sort out the demand for mass production, and based on the OEM’s Develop solutions based on mass production requirements.

In the first half of this year, under the epidemic, the entire development process of Heduo Technology did not stop. In addition to continuing to develop highway automatic driving systems and intelligent parking systems, Holotech has also added a new product form, combining the highway automatic driving positioning solution with high-precision maps to form a high-precision positioning product “HoloPolaris”. output to customers and markets.

In addition, Heduo Technology has also made new progress in team building. In May of this year, Heduo announced that Huang Lei, former vice president of Bosch China and former vice president of Chongqing Xiaokang Group, joined Heduo Technology as senior vice president of global business cooperation. Huang Lei has been deeply involved in China’s auto industry for many years. He has held important positions such as Vice President of Bosch China and former Vice President of Chongqing Xiaokang Group. He has extensive experience in business sales, supply chain management, government relations, and senior talent introduction. Ni Kai said that the addition of Huang Lei will help Heduo Technology to better connect technology with customers, turn technology into actual products faster, and accelerate the company’s commercialization process. In addition, in terms of engineering, technology and quality, Heduo Technology has welcomed new key team members this year.

Also in the first half of this year, when the investment market was severely impacted by the epidemic, Wo Duo still completed the A+ round of financing. According to Ni Kai, this round of financing of Heduo Technology was jointly led by Yuanxing Yuhan Fund and Chaos Investment, and the old shareholders of Heduo IDG and NavInfo joined the investment. The funds will be mainly used to continue to strengthen the R&D team and continue to build the core technology advantages of autonomous driving; continue to improve the mass-production-oriented autonomous driving system, including the highway autonomous driving system HoloPilot and the intelligent parking system HoloParking, and promote the large-scale mass production plan; further Enrich product forms and improve modular services based on high-precision positioning product HoloPolaris to better meet the needs of OEMs.

Ni Kai said that the entire autonomous driving industry is paying more and more attention to the implementation of mass production. Consumers are becoming more and more enthusiastic about the intelligent network connection. Now the newly launched models on the market are increasingly emphasizing the function of intelligent driving. Companies that take the mass production route in the autonomous driving industry are racing against competitors with a clear timetable, and they can continue to hear feedback from the market’s front line, and continue to deepen technology and product iterations. Therefore, companies that take the mass production route will be more dynamic and healthier.

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