Heraeus WelcoTM LED131 won the Mini & Micro LED Material Product of the Year Gold Award

Shanghai, China, December 14, 2021 — Recently, at the 2021 Expert Aurora Award Ceremony held in Shenzhen, China, Heraeus Electronics’ WelcoTM LED131 won the Mini & Micro LED Material Product of the Year Gold Award. The award is organized by the Experts Say Industry Research Center to commend outstanding supply chain companies and products with outstanding contributions in the LED and Display fields. Because WelcoTM LED131 excellently solves the process problems in the customer’s production process and improves the yield rate, it has won the most votes from LED chip and packaging manufacturers.

WelcoTM LED131 is a no-clean lead-free solder paste with excellent wettability and fully reduces soldering defects. The LED131 flux system has been clearly optimized for Sn/Ag/Cu and other lead-free alloy solders. This formula has excellent performance on various types of surfaces. After soldering, the flux residue is transparent and close to colorless, which is especially suitable for optical-related applications. Unique ultra-fine powder technology has excellent printing and soldering performance in MiniLED pads, which is very suitable for MiniLED direct display and backlight, lighting and automotive LED flip chip packaging.

Heraeus Electronics has more than 20 years of experience in providing materials for the LED industry, and is able to calmly face the transformation of LED chip packaging from bonded front-mounted packaging to flip-chip packaging. In addition, more and more Mini/Micro LEDs are beginning to use more compatible soldering materials. Faced with the above trends, Heraeus Electronics has developed the WelcoTM ultra-fine powder patented technology to provide a one-stop material solution for future LED packaging.

“Our in-depth understanding of materials, keen response to the needs of Mini LED packaging technology, continuous investment and perseverance in research and development have enabled us to continuously introduce innovative products to meet the various new technical requirements of the Mini and Micro LED industries. This award The Gold Award of Mini & Micro LED Material of the Year is the recognition of our customers. Heraeus will continue to promote the development of the micro-pitch display era.” Heraeus Electronics China Sales Vice President Shen Fangzhong concluded.

About Heraeus

Heraeus, headquartered in Hanau, Germany, is a world-leading technology group. The company started as a small pharmacy in 1660, and has now grown into a family business with diversified products and businesses covering environmental protection, electronics, health, and industrial applications. With a wealth of material knowledge and leading technology, Heraeus provides customers with innovative technologies and solutions.

In fiscal year 2020, Heraeus’ total sales revenue was 31.5 billion Euros. The company currently has approximately 14,800 employees in 40 countries. Heraeus was also selected as one of the “Top Ten German Family Companies”, occupying a leading position in the global market. For more information about Heraeus, please visit:https://www.heraeus.com

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