High quality requirements for piston rings in auto parts

In the automobile and internal combustion engine parts industry, the piston ring is a part with a large amount and high quality requirements. The types of waste piston rings include slag, pores and sand. Such defects are related to many factors such as smelting, molding materials, and craftsmanship. Whether the design of the gating system is reasonable involves the effect of slag blocking and whether it is inhaled or entrained. According to the specific conditions of the production plant, we first analyze the gating system and the pouring process of the piston ring, and determine the method of hydraulic simulation for experimentation.

The design of the gating system is closely related to the filling speed, and the filling speed affects whether there are sand filling, splashing, oxidation, etc., which determines whether the slag retaining effect is good or bad, and it also determines whether there is sand inclusion in the casting. , Pores, cold partition and other defects, so a reasonable design of the pouring system has become the key to reducing casting waste and improving the quality of castings. Although computer simulation is used a lot, the method of hydraulic simulation can more conveniently observe the pouring process. It can be observed: (1) the filling of the gating system; (2) the pressure of each part of the gating system; (3) the suction and entrainment of the gating system; (4) the slag blocking effect of the gating system; ( 5) The distribution of slag inclusions and pores in the cavity; (6) Whether the filling process is stable.

In order for the experimental results to be used in production, it is necessary to ensure that the fluid flow in the model is similar to the fluid flow in the prototype, that is, the following conditions are met: (1) similar flowing medium; (2) similar geometric contour size; (3) fluid physical properties Similar; (4) Similar initial conditions; (5) Similar qualitative criteria.

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