High quality woodworking cnc machine from ChinaCNC Upload to:08-28 2020

As we know, there is a great demand for woodworking cnc machine, because the woodworking cnc machine products that used for furniture production are tending to be high-end. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a high quality woodworking cnc machine suitable for your business. So now let's talk about BCM1325A wood cnc machine.

BCM1325A woodworking cnc router is a basic level wood engraving machine of ChinaCNC, which is very suitable for users who the first time using woodworking cnc machine. Customers can choose the table size that suits their own machines according to business needs, or they can customize special table sizes. The woodworking cnc machine is equipped with high-quality spare parts and well-known components. Such as Taiwan Syntec 6MA (4 Axis), Japan Yaskawa servo motor and drivers system and Italian HSD 9.5KW(12HP) Electrospindle.

The high quality woodworking cnc machine adopts a DSP A11 control system to ensure a wide range of support files.Choose High quality woodworking cnc machine, choose ChinaCNC.

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