Hot Sale Flexible Face Pad Silicone Face Brush

Beauty personal care, always is important. Nobody can win the race against time. However, we can keep our skin in a good situation through daily cleaning. Face brush, become more and more popular among young girls due to its features of convenience and health.Now, we have a new product–silicone face wash brush in sale. Here are some details about it.The product parameter informationof this silicone face clean brush is that:Size: 14.5 * 9 * 2.5 cmWeight: 100gMaterial: 100% food grade silicone Features: Soft, Flexible, Heat resisting, Health, SafeOur company is a experiened silicone products supplier, offered OEM and ODM service. If you have special requirments, such as different colors, different size or adding Logo, we will gladly accept them.Thank you for your reading. And look forward to cooperate with you.

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