How About Our New Product Silicone Plate Bowls With Divider?

Recently, our company prepared six different type of silicone baby plate. And the animal fish shape plate bowl I'd like to introduce today is belong to this new series.It is a baby toddler use plate bowl designed for toddler self-feeding. And some product parameters will be shown as below.Unique curved rim to help guide more food onto forks and spoons.Three sections to keep food separate Suction base keeps plate in place.With suction base, this baby grip dish sticks well Baby can’t pull it off.Portable travel dinners plate, is a product make it easy for young children and toddlers to eat on their ownPromotes self-feeding and develops fine motor skills. What's more, as a baby products, it's safty is very important.Is our silicone baby plate safe?Wei Shun is a China manufacturer. Probably some of you may concern for products that are made in China. We understand it and try to be more reliable. On September, we invited three-party to verify whether we are a factory can finish our customer's order. Now we are a factory passed BSCI.This silicone plate bowl introduced here is a product has patent certificate. If you are interest in it, why not let us know?

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