How do large CNC machining manufacturers achieve perfect precision?A

When processing refers to precision, it represents two, one is the precision of the cnc machine itself, and the other is the precision in the process, the two precisions are different, of course, when processing, Although they have two aspects, they are also related. How do large cnc machining manufacturers strictly control the accuracy of machine tools?Many manufacturers are accustomed to using some of the above requirements before processing, but large CNC machining manufacturers rarely do this, because the accuracy of the marking is fixed, but not suitable for on-site processing, but to all The error, as well as the tolerances, must be taken into account. This is a total error, so that the final accuracy is calculated.The accuracy of CNC has a great influence on the machining, so in the operation, not only must the budget of precision be prepared in advance, that is, what kind of precision is needed, then when selecting the tool, there can be a pre-judgment, so It also saves tools while still providing an accurate positioning of the machining accuracy.Lemo has over 40 CNC machining centers, include 3 axis,4 axis , 5 axis.We are expert on CNC machining ,CNC milling, CNC turning processing, precision grinding
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