How to avoid oxidation of aluminum alloy products during the processing of aluminum alloy parts

When aluminum alloy products are processed, they sometimes encounter the phenomenon of oxidative blackening. If it is a special headache when it encounters oxidation and blackening during processing of large aluminum alloys, why is there such a phenomenon of oxidative blackening? The air is in contact with the aluminum surface layer and there is a dense oxidized protective film to prevent the internal aluminum from oxidizing. However, if the surface post-treatment of the workpiece is to be hard anodized, the surface color of the workpiece will be inconsistent. The first thing to do is to start with the material. To ensure that the materials are consistent, the cutting oil used in the processing is not changed or deteriorated on time. If the bad cutting oil is not cleaned on the surface of the product, the product will be oxidized.
Or when the processing oil is uneven on the product during processing, causing the temperature difference of the product to be too large to oxidize, how to solve the oxidation problem? First of all, we choose to use the domestic standard aluminum alloy material, and then choose the professional aluminum alloy cutting oil to lubricate the cooling auxiliary processing, and then select the imported high-light knife for aluminum alloy processing to match the high-speed machine for processing. During processing, we ensure that the product can be evenly washed by the cutting oil, and the product is cleaned in time to make a non-oxidized high-gloss product.
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