How to choose car soundproofing materials

With the increase of Chinese cars, there are more and more car problems. Noise in cars is an annoying thing. Noise is not only upsetting, but also harmful to health. I believe that all car owners know it well.

Car soundproofing materials are important_how to choose car soundproofing materials

Car sound insulation products were developed by a group of car audio enthusiasts in the United States in the late 1980s to better enjoy the fun of car audio. These products can not only reduce the noise in the car during driving, but also Can promote car audio and tone. After ten years of development, many car owners have also become familiar with car sound insulation projects. However, in the process of choosing a car sound insulation brand, there is still greater blindness. For car owners who know little about acoustic technology, it is not easy to choose reliable car sound insulation products. As a brand-new automotive after-service market project, many Professional car audio modification shops have begun to develop this service, but because the levels of participation in the market are different, the effect is naturally different. If consumers do not grasp some basic identification skills, I am afraid that there are many “traps” ahead.

Just as in the current automotive after-service market, it is questionable to collectively refer to materials used for automotive acoustics as “automotive sound insulation materials”. The main noises of automobiles are structural noise, consensus noise and air noise; the main transmission channels are car doors and car chassis (firewalls). , Trunk, fender, roof and other five main parts. To effectively reduce car noise, it is necessary to understand the acoustic characteristics of the acoustic products used and their construction parts on the car.

Generally speaking, we divide automotive acoustic materials into vibration-damping materials, automotive sound-insulating materials, sealing materials, sound-absorbing materials, and heat-insulating materials. As we all know, the car shell is a metal structure, and the transmission of ideas and tire vibration makes these metal plate shells vibrate violently, radiating strong noise; the vibration of the car metal structure often has a series of resonance bees, correspondingly The noise also has the same frequency spectrum as structural vibration, that is, the noise spectrum also has a series of peaks, and each peak frequency corresponds to a structural resonance frequency. This kind of noise caused by structural vibration is called structural noise. Experts from car audio modification shops said that it can be said that the main noise of the car comes from structural noise, and the most effective method for car structural noise is to dampen vibration. The method of coating a layer of damping on the metal structure suppresses the structural vibration, thereby Reduce noise radiation, which is what we call damping materials. The main role of damping materials in the process of suppressing vibration is:

(1), attenuate the vibration energy transmitted along the structure;

(2), weaken the vibration around the resonance frequency;

(3), reduce the free vibration of the structure or the vibration caused by impact.

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