How To Improve The Efficiency Of Sheet Metal Fabrication

1, stainless steel, the main use of no surface treatment, high cost.
2, hot-rolled plate SHCC, material T ≥ 3.0mm, but also with electroplating, paint pieces, low cost, but difficult to form, mainly with flat parts.3, galvanized sheet SECC, SGCC. SECC electrolytic plate sub-N material, P material, N material is not the main surface treatment, high cost, P material for spraying.4, copper; mainly with conductive materials, the surface treatment is nickel, chrome, or not for processing, high cost.5, aluminum; general use of surface chromate (J11-A), Suzhou laser Sheet Metal Fabrication oxidation (conductive oxidation, chemical oxidation), high cost, silver, nickel.6, aluminum; cross-sectional structure of complex materials, a large number of used in a variety of boxes. Surface treatment with aluminum.7, cold-rolled plate SPCC, mainly with electroplating and paint pieces, low cost, easy to shape, material thickness ≤ 3.2mm. The general Sheet Metal Fabrication bending plate 90 degrees are required in the V-shaped planing through the pressure to achieve, so they are the relationship between the tooling tool v-type planing processing can also be said to be a Sheet Metal Fabrication a process, and some sheet Gold products (thick material thickness) after the bend outside the R angle is too beautiful, Suzhou Sheet Metal Fabrication so at the bend at the v-groove (that is, the board thickness thin), V-shaped planing has two roles: One is to reduce the corner of the corner, the general sheet metal bending angle is equal to the thickness of the floor, if the workpiece requirements of the bending angle is less than the thickness of the floor, the need to plan V-groove; the second is to reduce the bending of Suzhou sheet Gold processing plant, when the workpiece bending force is greater than the tonnage of the bending machine and can not bend, you can plan V-groove to reduce the bending force.1, cutting: cutting a variety of ways, mainly in the following ways①, punch: the use of punch or more step or more steps in the plate after the expansion of the flat parts of the plate forming a variety of shapes and pieces of material, the advantage is short labor costs, high efficiency, high precision, low cost, Production, but to design mold.②, cut the bed: the use of shear bed shear strip material simple material, it is mainly for the blank blanking material ready to process processing, low cost, accuracy less than 0.2, but only the processing of non-hole cut material.③, laser cutting, is the use of laser cutting, cutting the flat plate in the shape of its structure cut out, with the same cutting materials need to write a laser program, it can be under a variety of complex shape of the plate, high cost, At 0.1.④, NC NC cutting, NC cutting the first to prepare the NC machining program, the use of programming software, the drawing will be compiled into NC number of drawing machine can identify the program, let it step by step in these programs Suzhou Sheet Metal Fabrication Flatten the flat plate on the plate shape, but its structure by the tool structure to the low cost, accuracy of 0.15.⑤, Saw: the main use of aluminum, square tube, tube, round bar and the like, low cost, low precision.In the processing of a large number of sheet metal devices, the assembly of sheet metal cabinets is very important, and its production process requirements are also very strict, which is the export of goods packaging containers are required to do performance testing, inspection to provide " Packaging inspection list, customer orders and packaging containers of the relevant requirements of Suzhou Sheet Metal Fabrication, the packaging of the packaging design process, materials, testing standards and other technical information.
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