How To Prevent The Use Of Flat Strap Overload

From the flat sling hoisting accident found because of the large proportion of the use of flat strap overload, many customers have been aware of this importance, but in the ordinary selection and use of the process do not know how to prevent overload. My company here specifically for everyone to talk about how to do from the details to prevent overload. First of all, in the selection of flat sling standards, it is necessary to be lifting the load of the standard, weight, shape, as well as the preparation of the hoisting method to receive a comprehensive consideration, given the limit of the work force of the need for work together, the variety of the load is necessary to ponder. If a plurality of flat straps are used for lifting loads, it is necessary to use the same type of sling. Whether accessory or soft lug is necessary, it is necessary to reinforce the end section of the sling and assist the attachment. In addition, the unsigned wire rope sling is not recognized and may not be used. The parts on the sling assembly parts are periodically inspected according to the requirements of the assembled parts. You may not use a hammering method to correct a distorted sling. Do not drag from under the weight or let the weight change on the sling. Flat Sling products need to be professional manufacturers according to the standard of production, inspection, with certification and protection, maintenance instructions of the product, in the product clearly must have not easy to wear signs and production numbers, production date, factory name symbols.

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