How to repair the loss of hydraulic oil pump of oil press

When the Hydraulic Press is used, the hydraulic oil pump will lose, and there are many reasons for its loss. Worn parts of hydraulic pump components, mechanical operation, etc. In normal use, it is gradually added due to long-term factors, such as conflict or the influence of chemical reaction, and with natural wear and tear. On the contrary, the operation of the hydraulic pump, the corresponding operating procedures and repair will lead to severe overload or ultra-high speed. If the situation is serious, there will be looseness and falling in the part of the pump. At this time, it is necessary to drive.

When correcting the hydraulic pump, we should understand the specific correction method. The main technical means include welding, electroplating, car, grinding, etc., mainly to achieve the shape of the compensation part, protection accuracy and sealing function. In the daily correction process, if it is found that the parts are seriously worn, they should be replaced in time.

Because the repair cycle can be shortened through the replacement of parts, and it is weak. With the method of multi belt replacement, it is necessary to do a good job in spare parts, etc.

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