Huawei insiders: Reserve Kirin 9000, and will also push P50 and Mate 50

According to Huawei insiders, Huawei is currently shifting its business focus to other categories than mobile phones. Huawei’s consumer business in China is affecting businesses and channels to transform into five major industries. The five major industries refer to the PC & tablet industry, the HD industry, and the wearable & audio industry. , Smart selection of IOT industry and mobile phone industry.

The person said that Huawei’s strategy for the mobile phone business is basically to use limited chips to infinitely extend the life cycle of the mobile phone business. Huawei has not stopped the research and development of the P series and Mate series, and follow-up models such as the P50 and Mate50 will be released. “8 million pieces of Kirin 9000, if the P40 is sold out early, we have reserved a considerable part for the follow-up P50 and Mate50.”


According to the news, the regular version of the Huawei P50 series will use a 90Hz refresh rate, and the high-end version will have a 120Hz refresh rate. In addition, the screen quality of this series of models is very good, and the rear Leica film camera will still be used. The main aspect of the imaging system is similar to that of Huawei Mate40, but the binocular zoom factor has been increased to 200 times.

Huawei P50 series models are expected to still be 66W wired fast charging + 50W wireless fast charging for the normal version, but Huawei was considering 135W fast charging during internal meetings, but in the end, the issue of battery density and durability has not yet been decided.

The source said that the machine will not be equipped with the Hongmeng OS 2.0 system for the time being, that is to say, it is still the EMU11 system.

In other respects, this series of models will support features such as air-pressing, taking screenshots, answering calls, and swiping; using 4 surround speakers and upgrading the vibration motor; the renderings spread on the Internet are fake, except for the basic version. Hyperboloid screen design; although there are many colors, there is no plain leather version; the body is thinner and lighter than the Mate 40; the conference will still be hosted by Yu Chengdong, and the scale is no less than the Mate 40 series conference.


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