IML molding advantage

What is on IML? Do you know on IML strengths? This paper will simply introduce on IML, on IML in the application and the advantages of manufacturers use on IML.
On IML refers to a mould labeling. Is printed polypropylene film, thickness is commonly tenths of millimeters, with direct injection molding steps together on products. The most prominent feature is its structure, hardening of the surface layer is a thin film, the middle layer is printed label design, the last layer is plastic. Because the ink was printed in the middle layer, so the surface of the product is still in good condition, will not be defiled, and middle color can keep for a long time will not fade.
On IML advantage has the following several aspects:
1. The three-dimensional molding process can increase the product outward appearance modelling design degrees of freedom;
2. High brightness, high surface hardness of the film covering product, scratch-resistant flowers, wear resistance;
3. The printing design and color design can change at will, without changing the mold, producing all kinds of different style, beautifully printed products;
4. The pattern of a printing ink layer sandwiched between the transparent film and the resin, no oxidation, no wear and tear, long colourful;
5. Buttons flexible, feel is good, according to the normal use, more than 500000 times is not broken;
6. Windows area (no printing area) has high transparency (light transmittance up to 92%);
7. Product composite forming surface achieve seamless waterproof effect, combines functional and decorative in one.
On IML application: on IML is now widely used in communication products, household appliances mould, medical mould < > and above such as car dashboard. Because on IML these advantages, making the application on IML is rapid promotion and largely replaced the traditional decoration, product labeling.
On IML in the domestic market is steadily rising. Sino Holdings group  < > as a professional mould on IML manufacturers, its leading position in domestic on IML labeling. If you have this aspect of the business needs, please contact us.

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