Improve the oxidation stability of heavy base oils and make them reach MVI base oil standards


The test part is divided into two parts: countercurrent extraction and white clay supplement refining. The refined oil obtained by the countercurrent extraction is called the raffinate oil, and the oil after the white clay supplement refining is performed on the raffinate oil is called the clay oil. The extraction test was carried out in the glass extraction tower of our hospital. After the raw material is extracted in the second stage, the removal rate of total sulfur, total nitrogen, and alkali nitrogen of the refined oil shows a decreasing trend with the increase of the solvent ratio.

After the second-stage refined oil is refined with clay, the removal rate of alkaline nitrogen reaches more than 50%, and the rotating oxygen bomb reaches 134min and 165min respectively, which meets the requirement of MVI900 (or 90BS) base oil for rotating oxygen bomb not less than 130min. After the raw material is refined by denitrification and white clay, the removal rate of alkali nitrogen reaches 81.8%, and the rotating oxygen bomb is 130 minutes, which shows that only part of the basic nitrogen is affected by the susceptibility of the base oil to T501, not all of the basic nitrogen.化物。 If it is supplemented and refined by white clay, the rotating oxygen bomb can reach more than 200 minutes and meet the MVIS base oil standard requirements. The reduced third-line denitrification-white clay oil has the characteristics of low alkali nitrogen content and high rotating oxygen bomb fraction, but the viscosity index has not changed.

Using a new two-stage furfural refining process can improve the oxidation stability of our plant’s heavy base oil and make it meet the MVI base oil standard, solving the bottleneck problem that plagues our plant’s heavy oil production. The test of this process for treating the reduced third-line dewaxing oil shows that the oxidation stability of the refined oil after the second-stage solvent extraction can meet the MVI base oil standard. If it is refined by white clay, the rotating oxygen bomb can reach more than 200 minutes, and it meets the requirements of MVIS base oil standard that the process does not need to be denitrified, and there is no problem of difficult treatment of denitrification acid residue. The extraction process can directly use the factory’s heavy furfural device for production, without adding new equipment, just add a few pipelines, and the investment is small. Because the extracted oil obtained by this process does not contain wax, has a low freezing point and a high content of aromatic hydrocarbons, it can be used to produce rubber-extended oil and other products with higher added value.

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