Integrating auto business and consumer business, Huawei reiterates that it will not build complete vehicles

On November 25, Huawei announced in the Xinsheng community that the business jurisdiction of Huawei Automotive Solutions BU has been adjusted from the ICT Business Management Committee to the Consumer Business Management Committee. The document was issued by Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei on October 26, 2020.

Huawei will reorganize the Consumer BG IRB (Product Investment Review Board) into an IRB for smart terminals and smart auto parts, and adjust the investment decision-making and portfolio management of the smart auto parts business from the ICT Management Committee to the IRB for smart terminals and smart auto parts, and appoint Yu Chengdong as Director of Intelligent Terminal and Intelligent Auto Parts IRB.

The document reiterates that Huawei does not build complete vehicles, but focuses on ICT technology to help car companies build good cars and become an incremental component provider for intelligent connected vehicles. Whether it is the IRB of smart terminals and smart car components, or the Consumer Business Management Committee, they must adhere to Huawei’s strategy of not making cars, and have no right to change this strategy.

Huawei said in the document: “Whoever makes a car and interferes with the company in the future can be transferred from his post and look for another position.”

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