Introduction to the method to deal with the oil stains and rust spots of automobiles

For car beauty, many friends may think that it is simply to make some car decorations. In fact, it is not. In addition to decoration, it also includes daily cleaning, such as oil, mud, rust spots, etc., if it is unilateral car decoration , If there is no such place for treatment, do you think the car that looks all oily, muddy, and rusty will be groomed? Now I will share with you some details and techniques of beauty in these areas:

1. Clean the car with clean water once every 2-3 days. In case of rain, the car must be cleaned once a day, or the car should be cleaned after it is sunny.

2. When the car body is stained with mud, use a cleaning agent to scrub the whole car with a sponge, and then rinse and dry with clean water.

3. Turn off the engine before washing the car to avoid overheating the engine and drying the place where the detergent has been washed. In the scorching sun or hot weather, avoid cleaning too much area at once. After using the cleaning agent, rinse the car body with water immediately to prevent the cleaning agent from leaving marks on the car body after being dried.

4. When there is oil stain on the car body, spray the descaling agent on the oil stain to melt it, and then wash it with a detergent to remove it.

5. If the tires and steel rims are stained with oil, they can be cleaned with a descaling agent or cleaning agent first, and then sprayed with a tire care agent, you can have a black and bright tires and bright as new steel rims.

6. ​​If the bumper is stained with oil or whitening, you can use a cleaning agent to clean it with a hard brush. After it is dry, spray the leather care agent, and the bumper will be as bright as new.

7. If the surface of the car body feels rough to the touch, it indicates that it has been attached to carbon particles or dirt particles. At this time, decontamination clay can be used to remove it. During grinding, sufficient water must be added to stick dirt particles and restore the original smooth surface.

8. When there are dirt particles on the car window, you can treat it with decontamination clay first, and then wipe it with a glass cleaner.

9. If the stainless steel decorative strip has rust spots, use decontamination clay to remove the rust spots, and then polish it with a descaling agent.

10. After the whole body is cleaned, don’t forget to wipe the whole car with a warm towel soaked in the maintenance lotion, so that the car body will be bright and smooth by wiping with a dry towel.

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