Introduction to the performance of five-axis linkage cnc router machine Upload to:09-09 2021

Five-axis linkage cnc router machine, that is, five-axis machining, five-axis machining is the term for CNC machining, machining is that the CNC machine tool axis reaches the set value at a certain speed, and the five-axis machining is five-axis. Five-axis machining is a high-tech, high-precision machine for processing complex surfaces. The machine system has a decisive influence on national aviation, aerospace, military, scientific research, precision instruments, and high-precision medical equipment. The equipment manufacturing industry is the cornerstone of a country's industry, an important means of new technology, new product development and modern industrial production, and an indispensable strategic industry.

   Five-axis CNC machine tools include vertical and horizontal two-axis CNC tables, CNC table CNC indexing heads, CNC table 90-axis, CNC table 45B axis, NC table A-axis, and dual-axis CNC spindles. The above six types of five-axis machining have their own characteristics. I can't say which form is better. You can only say that your product is suitable for five-axis machining.

  (1) Five-coordinate processing dual phonograph.

  (A) The rotating coordinate has enough stroke range, and the process performance is good.

  (B) Due to the structural constraints, the lower rigid coordinates are oscillated to make the rigid part of the entire machine rigid. With double turntable machines, the stiffness of the turntable is much greater than the rigidity, thus improving the overall stiffness of the whole machine.

  (C) Promote the development of machining centers. It only needs to install a separate magazine and tool converter, which can be driven by the turntable coordinates of the double turntable, and the coordinate conversion relationship is more complicated.

  (2) Five-axis double-swing head machine.

   The swing type coordinate drive power of the double swing head machine is small, the workpiece is easy to load and unload, and the coordinate conversion is simple.

  (3) 5 coordinate processing a rotary table machine.

   The performance of the swing table machine is somewhere in between.


   1. It can effectively avoid tool interference.

  2. For the ruler surface part, a side milling tool can be used.

  3. For general three-dimensional surfaces, especially flat large surfaces, large-diameter end mills can be used to close the surface treated.

  4. Multi-faceted, multi-process processing can be performed on multiple surface spaces on the workpiece.

  5, five-axis machining, the tool can be in the most effective cutting state relative to the surface of the workpiece. The error distribution on the surface of the part is uniform.

  In certain processing situations, larger tools can be used to avoid interference with processing.

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