JD.com released its financial report for the third quarter of 2021, JD.com Cloud won the International AI Award to promote the wave of intelligent digital

On November 18, JD.com (NASDAQ: JD, HKEX: 9618) released its third-quarter 2021 results. Since the comprehensive transformation to technology in early 2017, JD.com has continued to increase its investment in basic science and underlying technology, and promoted the two-way improvement of the quantity and efficiency of infrastructure construction. The JD.com system has invested nearly 75 billion yuan in technology.

In the third quarter, the artificial intelligence team of JD Discovery Research Institute won two awards at the 29th ACM International Conference on Multimedia (ACM Multimedia) for its multi-modal interactive digital human technology and cross-modal analysis technology. Jackpot. These leading technologies, which have won top honors in the international academic community, are being exported to serve all walks of life through the unified platform of JD Cloud. Among them, the “virtual digital human” developed based on multi-modal interactive digital human technology can help JD.com’s intelligent customer service Yanxi to improve the experience of intelligent reception, service and virtual assistant. The digital human project “Digital Teller”.

Won the double awards of the international AI summit, JD Cloud promotes the increasingly intelligent digital wave

Since the third quarter of this year, JD Discovery Research Institute and major laboratories have continued to promote innovative research in basic science fields such as trusted artificial intelligence, super deep learning, and quantum machine learning, and have achieved fruitful results.

Recently, the AI ​​team of JD Discovery Research Institute won the 2021 Best Demonstration Award and the Best Open Source Project Award at the 29th ACM Multimedia International AI Summit with its multi-modal interactive digital human technology and cross-modal analysis technology. It proves JD.com’s global leadership in the field of artificial intelligence vision and human-computer interaction.

ACM Multimedia is the premier international conference in the field of multimedia in the field of computer science. It has been held annually since 1993 and has become the top event in the field of multimedia. The conference is committed to promoting the research and application of multimedia. The two award-winning technologies of JD Research Institute are ACM The only award in this field of technology from Multimedia, it carries a lot of weight.

In traditional AI cognition, the fields of vision, speech, natural language and other fields were previously independently evolved technologies and applications, which can be considered as single-modal technologies, while human beings are a multi-modal seeing, listening, speaking and working together. Therefore, multimodal technology is the development direction of future artificial intelligence applications. The multi-modal interactive digital human technology ViDA-Man of JD Discovery Research Institute is committed to creating a human-computer interaction system with multi-sensory interaction capabilities, in-depth research on multi-modal interaction technology, and focusing on the creation of consumer technology products for human-computer interaction. The multi-modal interactive digital human image engine developed based on this technology can provide rapid image customization capabilities, gradually deepening from the digitization of appearance to the interaction of behavior and the intelligence of emotions.

In recent years, driven by the digital wave, artificial intelligence technology has been realized from unavailable to usable. In the period of AI productization, such as intelligent speech recognition technology, intelligent image processing technology, algorithm engine recommendation based on user interests, intelligent auditing technology, AR/VR technology, 5G technology, etc., have become the starting point of AI landing, setting off a new wave of technological innovation. tide. The continuous exploration of these cutting-edge technologies by the JD Discovery Research Institute is also being exported to the outside world through the unified platform of JD Cloud to help the digitalization of the industry.

VTM digital employees “join” bank outlets, JD Cloud helps bank outlets upgrade digitally

In the banking industry, traditional banking service outlets have pain points such as high operating costs, queuing during peak hours, and insufficient reception capacity of remote tellers, which restricts business expansion.

Based on multi-modal interactive digital human technology, JD Smart Customer Service Yanxi cooperated with a bank to launch VTM digital employees to enhance the experience of intelligent reception, service and virtual assistants. Different from the previous question-and-answer robots, the VTM digital staff jointly created by the two parties can complete the entire transaction business process independently and in a closed-loop. A major step forward in the trading scene. The digital human has formed a multi-channel, full-scenario, end-to-end VTM digital human solution by connecting with VTM machines and agricultural aid equipment. In terms of upgrading traditional channels, the digital human solution uses intelligent technology to help traditional service channels, and establishes channels for human resources deployment for traditional service outlets and unmanned outlets, which greatly improves the bank’s service experience and efficiency. In terms of scenario support, the application boundary of digital people in banking scenarios has been expanded, from traditional consultation, inquiry, and navigation to transaction scenarios such as withdrawal, account opening, and password reset. Easy-to-operate services and interoperability with agricultural equipment provide a new path for the building of aging-friendly capabilities and the penetration of rural financial services at the township level.

JD Smart Customer Service Yanxi integrates digital human technology with cutting-edge AI technology, including NLP, TTS, ASR, avatar, image recognition and other technologies, with the ability to perceive, recognize, communicate, and serve. The VTM machine system has been opened up, making the project suitable for various financial service scenarios; the vivid 3D image is matched with friendly facial expressions and body movements, which fully simulates the real dialogue between people and creates a real-life model. VTM digital employees provide users with visualization services that are close to real-life experience. At present, the project has been deployed in many branches of the bank and achieved good results.

With the in-depth development of artificial intelligence, AI technologies such as virtual digital humans have long gone out of the laboratory and are continuously integrated with real industrial scenarios. The reason why JD.com’s AI technology can achieve such excellent results is its effective practice and hard work in real and complex scenes. As the core platform for the entire JD Group to provide technical services to the outside world, JD Cloud is not only a life-cycle partner for the digital transformation of governments, enterprises and households, but also based on artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, blockchain, privacy computing, etc. Technology, through digital and intelligent full-chain technical services, assists the digital transformation of thousands of industries and stimulates infinite possibilities for the industry.

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