Jets land on China’s 1st aircraft carrier

It will take 4 to 5 years for Liaoning to be fully combat capable: expert
China has moved closer to its goal of building a blue-water navy, with pilots successfully landing on and taking off from the Liaoning,the country’s first aircraft carrier, according to military experts.
Following Dai, another four pilots also landed J-15s on the carrier and later took off, the PLA Daily reported on Sunday.
“This is a new landmark in the Chinese navy’s efforts to develop the combat capability of its carrier battle group,” Du Wenlong, a senior researcher at the PLA Academy of Military Science, said on Sunday.

China Central Television broadcast footage of the landing and take-off on Sunday. It showed a J-15, which took off from an airport in an unidentified location, is approaching the Liaoning.
The pilot then lowered the tailhook, a hook attached to the rear of the plane and used to rapidly decelerate during landings, and engaged the second arresting cable. The J-15 taxied about 50 meters and stopped.
The plane folded its wings and technical checks were made. After take-off preparations were complete, the pilot restarted the engines and flew off the deck.
According to Southern Metropolis Daily, the earliest landing test that was disclosed on the Internet took place on Nov 20 when a J-15 landed on the Liaoning.Details about the earlier test remain unknown.


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