Keysight Technologies Introduces New Reference Solution to Accelerate Monitoring and Validation of Satellite Signals

Keysight Technologies (NYSE:KEYS) recently announced the launch of its latest reference solution for satellite signal monitoring and signal integrity verification.this newSatellite Signal Monitoring Reference SolutionDeveloped since last year,YesThe latest addition to Keysight’s family of reference solutions. It enables engineers to monitor large segments of the spectrum and perform precise digital modulation analysis to quickly and efficiently verify satellite signal integrity.This reference solution is optimized for high test throughput, low test cost, and small size, and is the first in the industry to use a PXI The vector signal analyzer performs sequential scans.

ShouldThe new satellite signal monitoring reference solution leverages Keysight’s PXI Professional measurement technology in hardware and software.itAbility to support step spectrum analysiswhich contains the following properties:1) The industry’s fastest Display refresh rate and more than 280GHz/sscan rateMulti-band scanning function;2) Ability to use industry-leading 89600 VSA The software zooms in on the signal of interest to the user within the IF bandwidth.A stable and cost-effective sequential scan configuration can utilize a shared PXI A vector signal analyzer monitors and scans multiple frequency bands.

Marketing Manager, Software and Modular Solutions Group, Keysight Technologies Mario Narduzzi express:To help our customers meet their most critical technical challenges, we have developed a range of reference solutions. The Satellite Signal Monitoring Reference Solution is the latest addition to our continuum of increasing test throughput, reducing test time and reducing overall test cost for our customers.

High-performance hardware components of the solution——M9393A PXIe High Performance Vector Signal AnalyzerBuilt-in digital image rejection and noise correction can be performed at up to 27GHz Accurate and clear test results are obtained in the frequency range.The solution uses solid state switches for fast switching and longevitylongLong.

89600 VSA softwareUse Keysight’s trusted measurement science and expertise to support a wide range of signal analysis, including spectral scanning and amplification of signals of interest.

PXI The price of the satellite signal monitoring reference solution is based on the customer’s specific test system requirements.For more pricing information, please contact Keysight or visit PXI For more information on Satellite Signal Monitoring Reference Solutions, visit view images, please visit

Keysight Technologies provides a complete PXI and AXIe Product family, including digitalChemistarbitrary waveform generator, digitalsamplingOscilloscopes, digital multimeters and various switches.

About Keysight

Keysight Technologies (NYSE:KEYS) is a global leader in Electronic measurement technology and markets, dedicated to driving continuous innovation in aerospace and defense electronics, wireless communications, digital circuits, semiconductor industry automation, modularity and software solutions, focused on providing customers with a superior measurement experience . Keysight provides electronic measuring instruments, systems and related software, as well as software design tools and services, which can be widely used in the design, development, manufacture, installation, deployment and operation of electronic equipment.For more information about Keysight, please visit

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