Kids chair mould manufacturer

Nowadays, the kids chair mold industry becomes booming, most families buy plastic kids chair for their child. Sino mould is leading children chair mould manufacturer and kids chair mould designer in China, our advanced plastic kids chair mold design and best kids chair molding service win our customers trust and praise.

What are the key points for plastic kids chair mould? First, the kids chair is used for children seat, the chair must be strong enough so the chair mould should be designed with strengthening ribs on legs. Second, the kids chair must avoid flash and burr to hurting the children, so the chair mould must designed with good parting line. What’s more, the children may touch or play the chair, the hole on the chair must be bigger or smaller than the children’s finger, avoid to hurting the fingers. So the chair mould must be designed the suitable hole on the backrest and seat part.


If you have any kids chair mould project, please contact us, as a professional kids chair mold manufacturer, we have the confidence to make you satisfied.


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