Leaders of the Development and Reform Commission of Langfang City visited Jinsheng Aluminum’s Langfang production base for guidance

Recently, the relevant leaders of the Langfang Development and Reform Commission visited the production base of Jinsheng Aluminum Group in Langfang, and the chairman of the group, Mr. Gao, warmly received and accompanied the inspection.Accompanied by Mr. Gao, the leaders of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission first visited the product exhibition hall and the industrial design center. During the visit, Mr. Gao introduced the group’s development history, industrial structure, technical advantages, and performance achievements to the leaders.

In the company meeting room, Mr. Gao gave a brief report on the project currently declared by our company, and also gave a key explanation on several issues that the company’s development needs the support of the National Development and Reform Commission to solve.After listening to the report, the leaders of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission fully affirmed our company’s development and achievements, and gave a detailed explanation of relevant government policies, including government subsidies, new project filings, etc., and hope that our company will be in the new economic situation Under this situation, we can make full use of the government’s preferential policies, innovate, expand business, and realize the sustainable development of the enterprise.

Mr. Gao said that with the help of the government, our company will continue to innovate independently, increase investment in scientific research, continuously improve production technology and transform design results, and develop Jinsheng into a benchmark enterprise in the industry, contributing to the promotion of the city’s economic development.

Jinsheng Aluminum Group is a diversified group company integrating metal building materials, warehousing and logistics, scientific research, investment, and service. Its subsidiaries include Beijing Jinshengxing Aluminum Co., Ltd., Jinsheng Aluminum (Langfang) Co., Ltd., and Dezhou Jinsheng Aluminum Co., Ltd. , Dezhou Lesibao New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Dezhou Deshun Express Logistics Co., Ltd.Jinsheng Aluminum Group is a high-tech enterprise. It has obtained more than 23443 national patents. It is the group standard of “Powder Spray Porcelain Metal Plate”, the national standard GBT23444 “Aluminum Veneer for Building Decoration”, the national standard GBTXNUMX “Metal and Participating unit in the revision of “Metal Composite Ceiling Board”; the main business is the research and development, production, trade and service of aluminum decorative materials. The main products: various aluminum veneers, honeycomb aluminum panels, corrugated aluminum panels, etc. Two major production bases in Dezhou, Shandong.

As one of the large-scale professional aluminum veneer manufacturers in China, Jinsheng Aluminum has always adhered to the business philosophy of “building a brand with quality and creating a future with integrity” for many years. It has participated in Algeria’s Oran Stadium, Fiji MHCC, and the National Convention Center. , 2022 Winter Olympics ski jumping field, Beijing Winter Olympics talent apartment, Chinese Communist Party History Museum, China’s First Historical Archives, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Beijing City Sub-center A1, A3, A4, A5, B3, B4; There are more than 300 major construction projects such as Xiongan High-speed Railway Station, Xiongan Citizen Service Center, Xiongan Business Center, and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

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