LEDs offer superior performance in outdoor sign applications

Broadcom AEMD-Cx2L LEDs, available from Mouser, are conventional high brightness surface-mountable through-hole LEDs. These low-cost round LED lamps are available in blue and green options with a viewing angle of 23-degrees. The LEDs can be assembled utilising the common SMT assembly processes and are compatible with an industrial reflow soldering process. These LEDs are manufactured with an advanced optical grade epoxy for superior performance in outdoor sign applications.

The LEDs offer a DC forward current of 20mA (blue) and 30mA (green) with a -40C to 85C operating temperature range. They have a 100mA peak forward current with power dissipation of 76mW (blue) and 114mW (green).

Applications include variable message signs and mono-colour signs. For easy pick-and-place assembly, the LEDs are shipped in tape and reel packages.

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