Lifting Hook Components Require Periodic Safety Inspection

Lifting hook components require periodic safety inspection

   The lifting hook is an important material and force device for the electric hoist. Its quality directly affects the progress of 

the operation. In recent years, accidents in which the hook suddenly breaks occur, so the cause of the breakage of the hook 

is strengthened. Analysis and hook supervision work is necessary.

   1. Non-destructive testing is performed on the surface where the stress is concentrated on the surface of the workpiece. If
 cracks are found, stop using them immediately and replace the new hooks.
   2. Regularly check the wear or corrosion of the dangerous section of the hook. When the actual size is less than 95% of the
 original size, the new hook should be replaced.
   3. When the hook hook is twisted more than 10°, the new hook should be replaced.
   4. When the opening of the hook is deformed to 15% of the original size, the new hook should be replaced.
   5. The defects on the hook are not allowed to be repaired.
   6. There shall be no plastic deformation of the hook of the dangerous section or hook.

   The lifting hook belongs to the wearing part of the electric hoist. In the event of a break or fall accident, it is easy to cause 

major personal and equipment accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct regular safety inspections.


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