Lithium battery ushered in a breakthrough: no explosion, 500 times of charging is still efficient

For a long time, many scientists have been actively transforming lithium batteries, because it has restricted the development of some mobile terminals.

According to foreign media reports, a “dream material” proposed by researchers at Washington State University (WSU) can replace the current negative electrode material, thus greatly promoting the development of lithium batteries, and this also brings new breakthroughs in the design of lithium batteries .

It is reported that in the process of charging and discharging, lithium ions can move back and forth between the two electrodes. Most of the current anodes are made of a mixture of graphite and copper, but scientists see great room for improvement. Scientists say pure lithium metal offers the highest energy density of any solid material and, if used as an anode, could double the life of lithium batteries and hold more energy.

To overcome some of the safety concerns surrounding pure lithium metal anodes, the team made selenium disulfide as the battery’s cathode, along with two additives, a hybrid material that forms a protective layer on the surface of the lithium metal anode. Practical tests show that the new battery can not only be recharged 500 times, but also maintain high efficiency (this unique protective layer, which hardly causes morphological changes of the lithium anode during cycling, and effectively mitigates the growth and harmful effects of lithium dendrites). side effects.).

At present, scientists are working on the business culture of the above-mentioned solutions. Compared with those new solutions that subvert lithium batteries, this is undoubtedly more reliable and can be realized in the short term.

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