LSR cold runners arrive

A field-proven cold runner system for the runnerless molding of LSR and other thermoset elastomers made its stateside debut at the MD&M West trade show in Anaheim, CA (Jan. 29-31). It’s from D-M-E Co. (Madison Heights, MI), which reportedly has been proving out the system in its European field of operations since the early 1990s.

The system’s nozzles are adjustable by volume for optimal filling. Each nozzle has its own separate piston drive, which allows for further sequential filling adjustments. And water-cooled nozzles also are available for processing rubbers of varying viscosities.

A valve gate is available for positive shutoff. A vacuum unit engineered to provide very tight tolerances and a valve-gate control also is available. What’s more, systems can be customized for multicomponent tools.

any D-M-E customers are struggling to create their own elastomer equipment, says Michael Kreitner, business manager for quick change mold systems and emergent technologies with D-M-E.  are bringing them the cold runner system for elastomers so they can focus more on their core competencies and operate more efficiently.D-M-E Co.

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