Matters needing attention in the design of four-column hydraulic press

There are precautions when designing any machine. Of course, four-column hydraulic presses are no exception. Many users need to adjust their parameters on the basis of the original series of four-column hydraulic presses according to the specific functional requirements of the company’s processing and production. For example, the most common one is the size of the table. Adjustment, the difference in the height of the press opening, the difference in the stroke of the moving beam and so on. These special requirements have caused some impacts on the sales, design and production of small and medium-sized Hydraulic Press manufacturers, which are mainly reflected in:

  • 1. In terms of design, although small and medium-sized hydraulic press manufacturers have a series of four-column hydraulic press design materials, the changes in parameters have caused the company’s technical personnel to design specifically according to the needs of users. The original design materials cannot be fully utilized, and the design has increased the design. Cost and design time take up a long time, leading to prolonged delivery time and unable to meet market demand in time.
  • 2. Since the previous serialized design was still based on empirical design, when faced with the design of special products, designers still mainly rely on experience in the selection of structural safety factors and reliability factors, which may easily lead to bloated host structure design and increased costs. The economic benefits are not obvious.
  • 3. Designers have more repetitive design work. Since the main structure is still the four-column hydraulic press, there is no essential change, and the main design calculation has no corresponding change. Therefore, the designer needs to recalculate the product every time, and the design redundancy time is long.

Four-column hydraulic press design considerations, let’s take a look together. :

  • 1. In order to reduce the vibration, impact and noise of the circuit, each valve, the pipeline between the hydraulic pump and the cylinder should be as short as possible to reduce unnecessary bending.
  • 2. For the four-column hydraulic system with more complicated pipelines, the method of connecting people with hoses is used to reduce the vibration in the places that are prone to vibration.
  • 3. The accumulator can reduce the impact and should be located near the place where the impact is generated. The four-column hydraulic press should use a bladder type accumulator with a relatively small inertia.

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